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Expected Behaviors

Positive Sea STAR Actions







A Problem Solver

(R) Responsible & Respectful


-“4 chair legs on the floor”


-Use materials appropriately

-Give others personal space

-Listen and speak with respect

-Talk it out

-Use your resources

-Try two solutions before asking the teacher

-Take care of your classroom and materials

-Be ready

-Be on time


-Use equipment as intended

-Move safely

-Be aware of others

-Stay in supervised areas

-Be a team player

-Use kind words


-Level 3 voice

-Walk to playground on grass away from classes

-Find a peaceful solution

-Work it out or walk away

-Stay on the playground

-Do not go back to the classroom area


-Take care of equipment

-Follow all playground rules

-Stop play and crouch when whistle blows 1X

-Released with whistle 2X

Lunch Area

-Make healthy choices

-Eat your lunch

-Do not share food

-Walk to the lunch and play area when dismissed

-Eat your own food

-Say please and thank you

-Listen to supervisors

-Level 2 voice

-Be a positive example to others

-Think creatively to solve problems

-Pick up after yourself

-Clean your area

-Throw trash away

-Artificial grass for sitting and talking only

Drop-off (Car)


-Leave your car quickly to the sidewalk

-Wait for safe crossing

-Walk directly to your class line

-Be ready with your backpack to leave your car quickly

-Level 1 or 2 voice


-Have your backpack ready with homework, lunch, and materials before you leave the house.

-Be on time

-Listen and follow directions

-Sit in your classroom line

Pick-up (Car)

-Look for your car

-Sit in your grade level area

-Load your car only in pick up areas

-Keep your hands, feet, backpack to yourself

-Level 1 or 2 voice


-If your ride is late, come to the office

-No playing on any of the grass areas

-Know how you are getting home before you leave in the morning


Computer Lab/Library


-Use/replace materials correctly

-Use two hands to hold your device


-Use equipment appropriately

- Leave equipment/books ready for the next class

-Level 0-2 voice

-Try two solutions before asking teacher for help

-Be on task

-Use computers as intended

-Take care of materials


iPads, Chromebooks

-Use two hands to hold your device

-Take and replace your device carefully

-Share your learning as appropriate

-Voice level as directed by your teacher

-Try two solutions before asking for help

-Use only appropriate sites


-Use facilities correctly

-Go directly to the bathroom

-Wash Hands

-Throw trash away

-Protect privacy

-Level 1 or 2 voice

-Report problems





Inside and Outside Hallways/



-Follow your teacher’s directions

-Respect personal space and other classrooms

-Level 0 voice

-Be a positive example

-Walk quietly

-Walk straight to your destination

-Be there, be ready


Voice Level(s)

Level 0

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3