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Williams Notice

Digital Instructional Materials and the Williams Sufficiency Standard

The Huntington Beach City School District is committed to providing students with an elite education. Our outstanding teachers and support staff members bring this vision to life by combining researchbased instructional practices with standards-aligned materials. Our district also complies with all state and federal regulations in regards to the availability of and content within our instructional materials. HBCSD recently purchased new instructional resources in the subject areas of Mathematics and English Language Arts / English Language Development. These standards-aligned materials serve as the core resources and are used in combination with supplements. Our core materials include textbooks, workbooks, and digital licenses for students to access lessons and assignments. The digital licenses that have been implemented in HBCSD mirror the materials included in the printed textbooks that are also available to students. California Education Code includes a provision that addresses digital materials. Section 60119 of the state Ed Code states that digital materials meet sufficiency requirements if students and parents understand that the same materials are available in printed format and if the pupils have the necessary technology at home to access the materials. For our digital licenses, this means having access to a device that connects to the internet outside of school hours; this device can be a phone, tablet, or computer. HBCSD provides all students with textbooks/workbooks as well as associated digital licenses that replicate the printed materials. For the district to remain compliant with state regulations, students utilizing digital licenses must attest to the accessibility of them outside of school and acknowledge the availability of a printed alternative. If a student has access to an internet-connected device outside of school, no additional actions are required. However, if a student does not have access to an internet-connected device outside of school hours, please contact the school office so printed materials can be provided for the student.