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Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader

Accelerated Reader is a program designed to increase student reading comprehension.  Students are challenged to meet a comprehension goal of 85% and earn a specific amount of points determined for each student. 

AR is personalized to each student’s individual level to ensure a high success rate and is immediately followed by feedback to help teachers target instruction. Personalized reading practice includes guiding students to books at appropriate levels, closely monitoring their progress, and intervening with appropriate instruction when necessary.


  1. Students have periodic STAR testing:  An adaptive assessment to measure literacy growth used as universal screening, progress monitoring, goal setting, etc.
  2. The student reads a book.
  3. The student takes an Accelerated Reader quiz at school, which assesses the student’s comprehension of key elements of the book’s content. Accelerated Reader immediately scores the quiz, manages all record-keeping tasks, and generates detailed reports describing student performance and progress toward goals.
  4. 3. Teachers (as well as administrators and parents) can use the reports to guide instruction, monitor the student’s independent reading, and help the student select appropriate reading materials.

As added encouragement, students who show progress and initiative toward reaching their personalized goals are rewarded monthly (1st-3rd grade) and at the end of each trimester (1st -5th grade).

  • Students have access to Accelerated Reader through their Clever PortalMonday-Friday, from 7:45 am to 3:00 pm
  • Students may also use Accelerated Reader (AR) Book Finder to search for AR books.
  • Parents can sign up for student progress email updates from the student AR homepage. Click the link below for detailed instructions.

For any questions regarding the Accelerated Reader Program, please contact your child's teacher or the Huntington Seacliff Library.